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Ophthalmic Practice Tips for Success
How to Reach Your Millennial Patients:
Social Media Marketing

By Georgette Pascale
MAY 2015
As a physician, your brand is built on the efficiency of your practice and the satisfaction of your patients. Today, more physicians are turning to social media to accomplish these objectives, taking a more social route to building their reputation and deepening the patient-physician relationship.

Make It Personal
Social media networks allow for individuals and businesses to create profiles that initiate engagement and media sharing — two factors that can be extremely beneficial in the healthcare industry. Social media platforms such as Facebook provide the ability to showcase your skills, visually and verbally, and interact with patients one-on-one. Additionally, this is where you can highlight new technologies, upcoming events, holiday offerings, staff member profiles and accomplishments, patient testimonials, and other information that would interest your target audience. Drive traffic to your other social media accounts and your website by linking them.

A large part of healthcare is educating patients, and you can use social media to extend your reach way beyond usual standards. Besides using your social networking profiles for information dissemination, you can also create videos. Sites such as YouTube allow you to upload videos and share them with users, providing vast accessibility due to the site’s prevalence on mobile devices, laptops and even televisions. Your videos have the opportunity to display as “related videos,” expanding your audience even further.

Enhance Relations
Social media also provides an opportunity to enhance your business-to-business relations. Creating and building partnerships with other practices allows you to link your social media efforts and bring awareness of your practice to other professionals who may become supporters or partners.
• Personalize content
• Educate patients
• Enhance relationships
• Offer payment options
Using a website like LinkedIn to build your company’s professional profile can assist in building your and your practice’s professional identity. You can also share practice news or highlight speaking engagements. In addition, LinkedIn is an excellent place to scout for new team members if you’re hiring.

Offer Payment Support
Many patients are interested in elective procedures but fear the price tag attached to them. Fear and cost are two of the biggest barriers for patients. Educating patients with visuals and information on social media takes care of the first, but you can also use it to overcome cost concerns. For example, if your practice offers CareCredit, make it known via Social Media. Patients will quickly see that you provide a convenient way to pay for procedures and services, as well as cover out-of-pocket fees not covered by insurance.

Say ‘Yes’ to Social Media
No matter how you choose to use social media, it’s the perfect way to market yourself and your practice to others on a personal and professional level. Having a presence on more than one social media network allows for ample communication avenues with your patients, and it’s an easy way to ensure that you’re keeping them happy and addressing their concerns. Furthermore, you’ll distinguish your practice from others and add credibility to your brand.

Georgette Pascale is founder & CEO of Pascale Communications, LLC.

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