Submission Guidelines

Your email is important to us, and therefore needs to be reserved ahead of time. Your email will deploy on the day you requested between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. Morning time slots will be offered on a first come, first served basis at a premium cost.

Step 1: Schedule your email

Contact Megan Post for availability.

Step 2: Provide your file & info

Provide final files 2 business days prior to scheduled deployment (HTML or PDF), or rush charges may apply.

Step 3: PentaVision to set up & test email

A preview link will be created for your approval. If significant changes are needed, we will ask for a new file. On the day before your email is scheduled to deploy, you will receive a test email in your inbox for final approval.

Step 4: Approval & deployment

All emails require client approval before deployment.

Email Requirements:

  • Along with your email creative, please also send emails to recieve test email (up to 6), emails to be included with final deployment, subject line, and pre-header text
  • Company's address and phone number must be present in the email (per CAN-SPAM)
  • Images should be hosted on a server with full web URL
  • Alt text should be provided for all images
  • From name must reflect company or individual sponsoring the message - PentaVision brands cannot be used as from names
  • Pre-header text should be provided along with your subject line